Co-Investigator of Cities Knowledge Graph & Circular Future Cities at FCL Global

Pieter Herthogs is a senior researcher and investigator at the Singapore-ETH Centre, where he researches topics related to design evaluation, design computation, and design-related knowledge management.

He has a background in architectural engineering and a passion for process analysis and design framework development. He is an experienced transdisciplinary urban researcher, analysis tool developer, and computational designer.

Pieter applies his research in three main areas:

  • Design for Change, particularly Building Adaptation and Circular Economies in Construction
  • Evaluating public space qualities
  • Integrating Linked Data and Big Data in planning and design processes


Pieter is a co-investigator of the Cities Knowledge Graph Project, which aims to harness rapidly growing and diversifying data streams to improve the planning and design of cities. It will do so by developing an innovative digital platform, designed to combine data and share knowledge about cities, and to inject new precision and responsiveness to static instruments of planning, such as the city master-plan.

Pieter was a postdoctoral researcher in the Big-Data Informed Urban Design and Governance project (FCL2), where he developed tools and methods to support evidence-informed urban design and planning.


  • Doctor in Engineering Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 2016, with high honours
  • Master in Architectural Engineering, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 2009
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